Meet Anna!

Anna Paulina Luna is a proven Republican fighter running to unseat former Republican turned Democrat Charlie Crist in Florida's Congressional District 13.

A proud Hispanic-American of Mexican descent, Anna was raised in the lower-income neighborhoods of Southern California by a single mother. She is the antidote to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's claim that Americans cannot pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

Anna is running to make the United States Congress work for the American people, not the insiders, and is exposing that divisive identity politics is just the lie-fueled engine of the political left.


Built, Not Bought!

Anna will stand as a strong woman for President Trump. Anna will stand as a Hispanic-American for secure borders. Anna will stand as someone who grew up around gun violence to defend the 2nd Amendment. Anna will stand as proof that you can be born into poverty and still work your way out of it.

Anna will stand as a young person for timeless American values and Constitutional principles because she believes they are the solution to modern challenges.

Anna is no stranger to violence, grief, tragedy, and loss. Anna’s own father struggled with addiction, she lost her grandmother to AIDS contracted from heroin use, and other members of her extended family struggled with addiction and homelessness. Anna was on-campus in high school when a fatal gang shooting took place. She learned early in life that she would have to fight her way out of her surroundings to avoid being trapped in the welfare system and surrounded by systemic violence. So, she did.


A Fighter
For Florida

Committed to public service, Anna has actively supported many philanthropic organizations including:

• Force Blue, which retrains and deploys former Special Operations Veterans and combat divers to assist with coral reef and general marine conservation efforts;

• Mission Volant, which provides training and equipment to combat-wounded Veterans to help them develop adventurous skill sets that allow them to live a more active and enriched life;

• Merging Vets & Players, which brings together military veterans and former professional athletes to help each other transition back to a healthy civilian life; and

• Veterans for Child Rescue, a non-profit focused on ending child trafficking.

An upcoming show also features Anna's work with PragerU to combat human trafficking.

She and her husband, Andy, live in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Andy is a special forces operator stationed at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. Anna and Andy met while serving in the USAF and were together when Andy was shot by enemy combatants in Afghanistan, for which he earned a Purple Heart. A decorated warrior, Andy was also awarded the Bronze Star and deployed to the Middle East four times.

  • "...I know that Anna Paulina Luna is a woman of action, someone who can be counted on to support the President, and someone who will stand up for our Country. I am proud to endorse her candidacy for Congress."
    Matt Gaetz
    United States Congress
  • "Anna is a true fighter for our country! We need more like her! Check out her run for Congress, it's critical to help patriots like her!"
    Charlie Kirk
    Turning Point USA
  • "I am pleased to announce... my support of Anna Paulina Luna in Florida's 13th Congressional District. Luna is a staunch conservative with a servant's heart for her country and community. She represents a new wave of leaders fighting for our values in Washington!"
    Mike Haridopolos
    Former Florida Senate President
  • "The Republican National Hispanic Assembly is proud to endorse Anna Paulina Luna in her run for Congress. Anna Paulina is a proven asset to our community, a strong advocate and voice of conservative values."