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Contact Anna!

For donations by mail, please make

checks payable to:

Anna Paulina Luna for Congress

1201 Gandy Boulevard North

PO Box 23064

St. Petersburg, FL 33742


Contributions or gifts to Anna Paulina Luna for Congress are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. Funds received are subject to the prohibitions and limitations of the Federal Election Campaign Act. An individual may contribute a maximum of $2,800 for the general election. Federal multi-candidate political action committees (PACs) may contribute up to $5,000 per election. Contributions from corporations, labor organization treasury funds, national banks, foreign nationals, and federal government contractors are prohibited. All contributions must be from the contributor’s personal funds. Corporations and individuals are strictly prohibited from reimbursing another person for making a contribution to Anna Paulina Luna for Congress. To comply with federal law, we must use our best efforts to obtain and report the name, mailing address, occupation and employer of all individuals whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 per election cycle.

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