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President Donald Trump


Governor Ron DeSantis

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"Anna is an American patriot and a role model. She is an Air Force veteran who loves this country and is a mighty voice that amplifies faith and freedom principles. I am proud to endorse her and give her my full support."

Representative Burgess Owens

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"Anna Paulina Luna is a strong leader and patriot who will fight against China, Big Tech and open border globalism. We desperately need reinforcements like her in Congress to help stop the continued and increasingly radical, socialist agendas of the Biden Administration, and Speaker Pelosi.


“Go-along-to-get-along” Republicans aren’t getting the job done. We need proven patriots and defenders of our Constitution. Anna Paulina Luna is that candidate for Florida’s 13th Congressional District. I’m proud to endorse her."

Representative Scott Perry

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Representative Greg Steube

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“Anna Paulina Luna is a woman of valor who served in the United States Air Force and has the backbone to stand for what is right. As a conservative who advocates for faith, family, and freedom, she is just the kind of person we need in Congress.”

Representative Jim Jordan

elise stefanik.png

"Anna Paulina Luna is a strong and tenacious leader whose experience as a veteran, small business owner, and military spouse has prepared her to be an effective advocate for her community. She is strong on securing our southern border, stopping the runaway spending, strengthening our military, improving services for wounded veterans, protecting Florida's beaches and coastlines, and much more. I am proud to endorse Anna and look forward to helping her every step of the way."

Representative Elise Stefanik

Newt Gingrich.png

Newt Gingrich

Charlie Kirk.jpg

"Anna Paulina Luna is a fearless, unapologetic patriot. As someone who had a tough upbringing, served our country in the military, and pulled herself up by her bootstraps, Anna truly understands the concerns and needs of everyday Americans. She is a powerful voice that our country needs in Congress and I'm proud to give her my full support!"

National Radio Host Charlie Kirk

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"Anna Paulina Luna is a true conservative that cares deeply about the environment. Her work with various environmental nonprofits and organizations is reflective of that. With her background in science and her environmentally conscious message, I am proud to endorse her for FL-13. She won’t just talk about protecting our beaches and coastlines, she’ll do it."

David Yates

Sharon Newby.jpg

"I've studied all District 13 candidates, their strategies and ability to win. Anna has shown maturity, sincerity, honesty, strength, poise, ethics, intellect, and unquestioned patriotism.  Her military service and that of her husband is a model for other young people.  How refreshing!"

Sharon Newby, 2020 Republican Primary Candidate (FL-13) & Local Business Owner

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"We have been waiting for someone connected to the heart of the people. I endorse Anna Paulina Luna for U.S. Congress because of her responsiveness, tenacity and commitment to be courageous. As we focus on the future, tackling day to day issues is a real challenge. She will not back down, but stand firm as our Representative. This is our opportunity to finally have a candidate we can support that is committed to the values of family, life and freedom."

Sheila Griffin, 2020 Republican Primary Candidate (FL-13) & Former President of the Pinellas Suncoast Black Republican Club


“Anna Paulina Luna is a true America First patriot and strong leader.  I am proud to endorse her for Congress.  As a veteran, her service and dedication to this country is an inspiration.  We need Anna in Congress and President Trump knew that when he endorsed Anna.  I hope you will support her too.”

Ambassador Richard Grenell


Robert Blackmon, St Petersburg City Council Member

Rick Baker- St Pete Mayor photo.jpeg

Mayor Rick Baker

House Freedom Fund.png

House Freedom Fund


Turning Point Action


Club for Growth Action PAC


SBA Pro Life America


Gun Owners of America

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