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Lauren Boebert backs Anna Paulina Luna, releases robocall

"Anna Paulina Luna has zero tolerance for illegal immigration, opposes amnesty, and will fight to stop the invasion at our southern border."

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert is backing Anna Paulina Luna in the Republican Primary for Florida’s 13th Congressional District — and she’s making sure CD 13 constituents know via recently released robocall.

Boebert, who was first elected to Congress in 2020, has made headlines as a vocal, far-right Donald Trump ally. Back in June, the Colorado Congresswoman secured the Republican nomination after winning her Primary.

In her robocall on behalf of Luna, Boebert slams the Air Force veteran’s opponent Kevin Hayslett, calling him a “RINO” and criticizing his work as a prosecutor. Boebert introduces the call as “an important message for all patriots in Florida’s 13th Congressional District.”

“Anna Paulina Luna is the only candidate in this race endorsed by President Trump. Criminal lawyer Kevin Hayslett is a dishonest RINO who makes millions protecting dangerous criminals and preventing them from getting the justice they deserve,” Boebert says in the call. “Anna Paulina Luna has zero tolerance for illegal immigration, opposes amnesty, and will fight to stop the invasion at our southern border.”

The call appears to reference a recent attack ad run by Hayslett in which he questions Luna’s immigration platforms.

“Criminal lawyer Kevin Hayslett runs a law firm defending illegal immigrants and makes millions defending criminals. Anna Paulina Luna is for law and order and wants criminals brought to justice,” Boebert continues. “Criminal lawyer Kevin Hayslett defends drug traffickers, drunk drivers, child abusers, women beaters and illegal immigrants. That is not America first, that is not MAGA, that is not Trump.”

The endorsement from Boebert further cements Luna’s support from Trump and his aligned allies, after earning the coveted endorsement from the former President himself. Such endorsements may prove vital as she faces a crowded GOP Primary ballot — her ties with Trump have kept her near the front of the race.

“Only Anna Paulina Luna can be trusted to secure our borders, fight for election integrity, stand up for law and order, defend our constitutional rights and stand up to the radical democrats in Washington D.C. Don’t be fooled by criminal lawyer Kevin Haylett’s lies. Vote for Anna Paulina Luna, the only America first republican and President Trump’s endorsed candidate for Florida’s 13th congressional district,” she concludes.

Boebert is set to join Luna at an event with Congressman Byron Donalds, who also recently endorsed Luna, on Sunday. Luna has also been backed by Turning Point Action, founded by conservative activist Charlie Kirk, as well as former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America.

While the CD 13 Republican Primary includes five candidates, Luna and Hayslett have established themselves as the frontrunners — and they’ve been spending big to let constituents know.

In addition to Hayslett, Luna faces Republican strategist Amanda Makki, Christine Quinn and Moneer Kheireddine in the Republican Primary. Makki lost the Republican Primary to Luna in 2020.

The district, which has changed due to redistricting, now extends further north into traditionally red parts of Pinellas County and eliminates parts of St. Petersburg, the currently drawn district’s largest city and a Democratic stronghold. This has left one Democratic candidate — former Barack Obama administration official Eric Lynn — in the race.

Candidates are running to replace outgoing Democratic U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist as he runs for Governor.

Written by Kelly Hayes

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John Murray
John Murray
08 de out. de 2022

Luna is , like Trump, bad for our great country. I am voting for Eric Lynn despite the fact that I am a registered Republican. No one capable of critical thinking could vote for Luna.

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