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Anna Paulina Luna announces congressional bid in FL CD-13

Luna was a firebrand last year when she ran and it doesn't appear that's going to change in round 2.

You may remember her for wielding a flamethrower in a pro-2nd Amendment ad. Or maybe, you remember the reoccurring red sports car. Perhaps, even, it was the public endorsement from former President Donald Trump that may ring a bell.

Whatever it may be, get ready for more.

Anna Paulina Luna has announced another congressional campaign in hopes of flipping Florida’s 13th Congressional District red, about six months after her loss to incumbent Charlie Crist.

“I said in November that it wasn’t the end of the road for me because patriotism and public service are lifelong endeavors and today I’m proud to announce that I’m back and am running for Congress in 2022,” Luna said in a statement.

Despite an unsuccessful attempt to unseat Crist last November, she was notably the most formidable challenger to the incumbent since his initial election.

Luna made headlines as a vocal Trump supporter with a brazen attitude toward guns and political opponents, like Crist — rhetoric she seems intent on keeping as she heads into 2022.

“Voters will reject the liberal elite’s race-baiting politics, their betrayals of American workers, families, and law-enforcement officers, and their open borders, tax and spend, anti-America agenda,” Luna said in her announcement. It’s time for career politicians and Nancy Pelosi puppets like Charlie Crist to pack their bags. We are sending them home in 2022.”

In announcing her campaign, the 31-year-old Air Force veteran seems to be reiterating similar campaign rhetoric — specifically, blasting Crist by sending out a mock resume of the Congressman.

The fake document pokes fun at Crist, noting his objective as “Invent myself again in order to advance my career as a politician and remain in public office for life.” The jabs continues — as a member of Congress, he’s called a “Proud Pelosi Puppet & Far-Left Lapdog.”

However, it’s unclear who will become Luna’s new target as Crist has his sight set on the Governor’s seat in 2022.

Despite losing to the incumbent, Luna has proved herself a successful fundraiser, outraising Crist in the final days heading up to the election. The newcomer managed to rake in more than $3.27 million during her campaign, a number that made defeating even a well-funded politician like Crist look doable.

Luna will likely start the race as a GOP favorite, with her life experience providing a different option than a typical, run-of-the-mill politician. She is using what sets her apart to her advantage — she identifies with the traditional democratic base and urban communities in ways a lot of Republicans lack.

While her campaign was unable to convince Pinellas County voters the first time around, the urban voting blocs will be essential to boost her cross-over appeal. But she could also get a boost from redistricting. With 2020 U.S. Census counts now in, it’s unclear what that will mean for CD 13’s boundaries. Political insiders suspect it’s possible the district could shift northward, a move that could shift the blue-leaning district to Republicans’ favor.

The district was under GOP control for more than four decades before Crist nabbed it, thanks largely to redistricting that shifted the voter registration advantage to Democrats. Now, the party is anxious for a chance to win it back.

Written by Kelly Hayes

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