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Anna's Platform

Stop Illegal Immigration

Anna Paulina Luna has been to the southern border three times and has long spoken out against illegal immigration and the human & drug trafficking that comes with it.  Anna Paulina Luna will fight to finish the border wall, end DACA, restore President Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy, and crackdown on criminal illegals in America. Anna Paulina Luna opposes amnesty and a pathway to citizenship.

Fight Inflation & Restore American Energy Independence

Anna Paulina Luna believes the American people have the right to use American oil from American soil. Anna Paulina Luna will fight to restore American energy independence by restoring oil and gas leases, restoring the Keystone XL pipeline, and fighting the left's radical green new deal regulations. 

Improve Services for Veterans

Anna Paulina Luna experienced firsthand the pitfalls of our veteran care policies after enemy combatants shot her husband in Afghanistan. As a strong advocate for veterans, Anna will fight to ensure that they get the care, appreciation, and honor deserved. 


Fight Government Corruption

Anna Paulina Luna wants to end the corruption that plagues our system. She will support any ban on Congress or its employees becoming lobbyists to cash out after leaving office. She will also work to enact term limits for elected officials.


Protect Beaches & Coastlines

Anna Paulina Luna is determined to ensure our community continues to capitalize on the robust tourism economy. She will fight to protect our beaches, coastlines, and preserve our natural environment, without raising taxes.


Fight for Fair Trade Deals

Anna Paulina Luna will fight for fair trade deals that put American workers, goods, and the American economy first.


Invest in Infrastructure & Technology

Anna Paulina Luna will champion improvements to our current bridge and roadway systems through increased infrastructure and technology investment.


Lower Taxes & Cut Unnecessary Regulations

Anna Paulina Luna will fight to lower taxes and cut senseless regulations to create more jobs and boost the economy.


Support Law-Enforcement & First Responders 

Anna Paulina Luna knows we must keep our communities safe to strengthen our economy and improve our quality of life. She will fight for law enforcement and first responders to have the resources they need to protect us and ensure that true bad actors are held accountable.

Strengthen Social Security & Medicare for Seniors


Anna Paulina Luna is committed to strengthening social security and Medicare for our seniors to ensure their viability over the long term.  Anna will focus on driving down the cost of health care, including prescription drugs, to bring the cost of Medicare under control.

Medical Freedom

Anna believes people should decide for themselves what the best way to be protected from COVID is, and they should not be forced to get vaccinated.  Everyone should talk to their doctor and decide what is best for themselves and their families.

Improve Our Schools
Anna Paulina Luna believes education should be student centered and parent guided.  Anna Paulina Luna stands with Governor Ron DeSantis in his efforts to expand school choice, ensure Parents Rights, protect women’s sports, and increase civic literacy.  Anna Paulina Luna opposes critical race theory being taught in grade school and stands against radical left-wing gender theory being pushed on our kids.

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