Standing Up

To Fight Government Corruption

As much as President Trump has done to drain the swamp, there is still much work to do.

Make no mistake, every day, there is someone in D.C. looking to line their pocketbook off of the hard work and earnings of the American taxpayer. Whether it be shady lobbyists buying access to politicians through campaign donations, or elected officials turning their service into a career while seeing their net worth skyrocket, the buck stops with me. I will support any ban on government employees cashing out to become lobbyists and will work to enact term limits for our elected leaders. I have taken the oath to defend our country and constitution, and I will take that oath to Washington, D.C.

Every American's Right

The 2nd Amendment

I have witnessed horrific gang violence. I was the victim of a home invasion.

Both incidents reaffirmed my commitment to protecting our God-given right of self-defense and firearm ownership. I will never vote to infringe upon American citizens’ right to bear firearms. The Second Amendment was put in place by our Founding Fathers to empower the people over our government. I will stand up to liberal elites who want to take that power away from the people.

Fixing A Broken System

Immigration Reform

As a Latina and granddaughter of immigrants, I have seen first-hand the flaws that plague our current immigration system.

These flaws are not only a threat to our national security, but to our local communities as well. With an alarming number of drugs pouring into our neighborhoods and horrific number of human trafficking victims being overlooked, immigration reform is long overdue. This must go hand-in-hand with a physical barrier to serve as a deterrent at our southern border. Drugs are colorblind and affect everyone. I believe the sovereignty of a nation lies within its borders. That is why on day one, I will stand with President Trump in fully securing our southern border and finishing the wall. While Democrats use immigration as a political talking point, I will work with anyone who will come to the table to reform our broken immigration system.

America First

Trade Agreements

The days of Americans getting ripped off by bad trade deals are gone.

President Donald Trump has been fighting for free, but fair trade and renegotiating outdated agreements should be something we all all working towards. Foreign countries do not want to play fair, and under my watch, we will not sit idly by while we wait for politicians to drag their feet at the cost of the American people. I support the USMCA and any trade deal that puts American workers, goods, and our economy first.

Jobs & Prosperity

The Economy

Our economy is booming because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Florida alone has seen an unprecedented economic revival with conservative leadership in our state government. Our unemployment rate is at an all-time low, we are cutting senseless regulations that hinder the ability of businesses to operate, and our stock market is hitting record highs. I am determined to ensure that our community continues to capitalize on our robust tourism economy by fighting to protect our beaches and coastlines and championing improvements to our current bridge and roadway systems through increased investment in infrastructure and technology. This will allow Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets.

Pushing Back Against

The Socialist Agenda

As members of the Democratic Party race each other to be the first to deliver socialism to America, I have fought, and will continue to fight, to strike down socialism in any form.

We need more freedom than government. Socialism has one path to success: create government programs for everything imaginable to bog down the system to a point where we have no choice but to force every citizen to depend on the government. We have seen attempts at this in countries around the world and currently see it every day in systems like the welfare and Veterans Administration. I grew up in the welfare system and have witnessed how it can be exploited. Welfare is supposed to be temporary assistance, not a form of income. Until we address these issues and reform these programs, socialists will continue to use these programs as a gateway drug for people seeking a better life. I believe that the individual will always do better for themselves compared to any big government policy or intervention. Free market capitalism is the only way to attain the American Dream.

  • "...I know that Anna Paulina Luna is a woman of action, someone who can be counted on to support the President, and someone who will stand up for our Country. I am proud to endorse her candidacy for Congress."
    Matt Gaetz
    United States Congress
  • "Anna is a true fighter for our country! We need more like her! Check out her run for Congress, it's critical to help patriots like her!"
    Charlie Kirk
    Turning Point USA
  • "I am pleased to announce... my support of Anna Paulina Luna in Florida's 13th Congressional District. Luna is a staunch conservative with a servant's heart for her country and community. She represents a new wave of leaders fighting for our values in Washington!"
    Mike Haridopolos
    Former Florida Senate President
  • "The Republican National Hispanic Assembly is proud to endorse Anna Paulina Luna in her run for Congress. Anna Paulina is a proven asset to our community, a strong advocate and voice of conservative values."